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...but I LOVE Liam, so I dont really care x'D<33

The minute I saw this outfit... like with pretty much every one of Liam's outfits, I decided I had to cosplay it!! ...eventually... ^^'


Skyla posted on 22 May, 2010 - 17:04
WE SHALL BE POOR, MISTER LIAM. BUT WE SHALL BE FREAKIN HAPPY. <333 Of course, you know how much LOVE I have for your Liam, and how much I can't WAIT to cosplay ANY and ALL versions of him with you!! >PD <3 ...Dude. I think if he became your 'one true cosplay' I would spaz. In joy. ...Which I'm doing now, but shush - it would be EVEN MORE EXTREME. (...And because Break might become my "one" cosplay too at this rate. <.< *cough*) WE COULD WEAR THEM TO THE COSPLAY BALL. Or something. Photoshoot for definite, somewhere epic >;D <3 The angst MUST be cosplayed. That is for sure. *wibbles* SO MUCH LOVE. <33333

BladeyCakes posted on 25 May, 2010 - 17:14
Skyla: HELL YEAH WE WILL. *empties purse and rolls around in fabric* <3333 I do indeed :'D and you must know by now how HAPPY AND FLAILY that makes me! 8'D Pfft, I may have to take you up on that offer ;D *steals you and your epic Break* <333 ...Dude. You made me flail. AGAIN 8DDD <3 *squish* I think he may be xD I just dont want to admit it yet, lol :'D (...o__o ...EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! *tackles* Breeeaaakk~ <333 xD I would be such a happy noob if he did!) I APPROVE OF THIS PLAN. *plots costs etc* x'D Or something, but yes! Photoshoot sounds epic win to me 8D <33 Cant wait to do these varients! xD <3 LOVE!! *cling*

Getti posted on 7 June, 2010 - 23:19
You look wonderful, Mister Lunettes! XD I love how Chinese-influenced Liam's is <3 And I know you'll pull it off epically. Hell, whatever version you do is going to look fantastic ;D /OTC? Please oh please say it is. Admiiiit/ It'll so be worth that dent in your wallet. Can't wait to seeee~! LOVE

Skyla posted on 15 September, 2010 - 10:37
HOW DARE YOU PUT 'ONWARDS' DAMNIT?! HE /WILL/ BE WEARING HIS PANDORA UNIFORM AGAIN. *completesrsfaceandBOOTTOTHEHEAD* Ahem. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-- DESE VERSIONS. SO NOMMY. SO WANT TO GET STARTED. RIGHT FREAKIN /NOW/ ALREADY!! *rolls around the house madly looking for bits and pieces to start throwing together* <33333 SO MANY ANGST SHOTS SHALL BE HAD. SO MUCH SUBTEXT. SO. MUCH. LOVE. *BASKS in it all -- but not like one of /those/ ...yet--* *brick'd* x'D <3 I HAVE TOLD YOU WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF WE FIND A LILY. *prepares cane...and waves it at Lottie in the meantime* ¬_- lol. BUT YES. MOAR VERSIONS NEEDED. FAST. BECAUSE YOU MAKE THE BEST FREAKIN LIAM /EVER/. AND I LOVE BEING BREAK. AND JUST... FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-- *rolls off to be incoherent somewhere else* x'D SO MUCH LOVE. EVERYWHERE. *saves our bank accounts, and Liam, with it* <33333 xXx

Skyla posted on 4 October, 2010 - 14:20
...I love you, my Liam. <33333 My only Liam. My brilliant, wonderful, amazing and... My Liam. <3 The best Liam. *dodges the bricks that shall surely come from all of this mush* Ahem. Sorry for that, but you know... MY LIAM. You make me so happy with this cosplay, and every varient we shall ever do (THERE. WILL. BE. SO. MANY.) and just... You really do make the perfect Liam. And you know how much I am ITCHING to start on Break's varient >.< *paws at black fabric that was always meant for another use*. Ahem once more. SO CANNOT WAIT TO SEE PROGRESS. JUST... I AM SPAZZING. WHICH YOU KNOW. But just... Yes. So much unending love to you, and to this cosplay. <3333333333333 It goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on. And ALWAYS ON. <33333 xXx

InfiniteJester posted on 4 October, 2010 - 14:21
cant wait to see this, ur an awesome liam :)

Skyla posted on 3 January, 2011 - 22:37
I DO NOT HAVE TO SAY HOW VERY FREAKIN SPACKILY EXCITED I AM TO SEE THIS DONE. BECAUSE YOU KNOW IT. AND YET I AM GOING TO SAY IT AGAIN. OMFG. I AM SO FREAKIN SPACKILY EXCITED TO SEE THIS DONE. *brick'd* Seriously, just... MY LIAM. DIS VERSION. OF /DIS/ COSPLAY. Simply cannot wait to wear these two together again, especially in all the light of the latest chapters <3. I'll save giant spack-comments of DOOM for later ;D but the fact that there is progress MUST BE FLAILED OVER. *w* LOVE YOU MY LIAM. CAN'T WAIT FOR THESE. <33333 xXx

BladeyCakes posted on 2 February, 2011 - 19:57
Will have progress to show soon~ 8D Hope everyone will approve when I do! <3 Skyla: oh, my Xerx. DESE VERSIONS. DESE COSPLAYS. UNF. <333 *A* Cannot wait to wear these AT ALL. *rolls* SOONPLZ?! 8D xxx

Skyla posted on 2 February, 2011 - 20:19
OMFG MOAR PROGRESS. Though I know of it, of course, but just... LIAM PROGRESS. OMFG. MAH LIAM. /MAH LIAM/. THE ONE AND ONLY. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-- *spack-tackle* <33333333333333333 Ahem. Really cannot wait to see dese heels in person, and see how tall they make you, andandand to fondle that mandress again, andand OMFG. DAT MANDRESS. DAT MANSKIRT. I have actually not spacked on here about just HOW epic they were to see in person, and be fondled, and harassed, and stroked, andandand... You made me such a happy dingus, and you made Break such a happy... You made Break happy. As I'm sure you and Liam noticed. MAH LIAM. This is all going to look SO BLOODY FANTASTIC. And we SHALL do them SO VERY SOON. Then photoshoots. And epicness. AND SO MANY RE-WEARINGS. Because it's BreakLiam. Of course. <33333 LOVE YOU SO MUCH. MAH LIAM. OMFG MAH LIAM. <333333333333333333333333

Skyla posted on 7 February, 2011 - 18:12
AHLALA~!! MISTER LIAM, LET ME HARASS YOUR HIPS. *does so regardless of answer* >PD THE PROGRESS. IT IS LOOKING /SO/ VERY EPIC. As you heard earlier 8P <3. Seriously, it's looking SO perfectly fitted (youskinnything<3) and the lil' jacket of ghey(-and-all-things-utterly-UN-manly) is looking soso nommy and and... Oh would you look at that, I'm spacking again!! 8DD *tackles you, the Break way* <333. Simply CANNOT wait to do these two together again, and these versions, andandand SO MANY NOMMY SHOOTS SHALL BE HAD. AND I LOVE YOU. AND UNF BREAKLIAM. AND-- *brick'd* You know I'mma be harassing you thoroughly until you get this on again, right? If you do I'll... I'll flash some Break-ankle. Yu-huh. (Not that you and Liam haven't seen that a million times before, but still-- *hush'd by muse*). SO MUCH LOVE TO ALL OF THIS PROGRESS. AND SO MUCH LOVE TO YOU, MY ONE AND ONLY LIAM. <333333333333333333333 ...P.S. Dem trousers. Oh, the amount of Break-comments you shall receive over those 8P. TROLOLOL. <3 Loveyou. xXx P.P.S. ...TENTH COMMENT VIRGINITY. TAKEN, BITCH. ...Iloveyousomuch. x'D <3

Shadowland13 posted on 16 March, 2011 - 15:54
Looks awesomeeee! I thought Liam was a woman at first o.o XD

BladeyCakes posted on 16 March, 2011 - 16:13
Skyla: You are a menace, and you ain't getting near DESE HIPS. *seriousface* ...only you are, because YOU HAVE THE AGILITY AND MULTIPLE-HANDS OF AN OCTOPUS. *flail* I blame Break entirely. Glad you're approving of all the lack of manry. For it makes me oddly wibbly xD ahem. And. NOT. SKINNY. RAWR. *punt* Ahem. Sorry this reply fails a bit, but it is an old comment ;D and I assume there will be another after todays posts. DEM TROUSERS. MY COMMENT VIRGINITY D8 NUUUUUUUUUUUU- *faceplant* <33 Love you so much~ xxx Timcanpy55: Thank you! ...I think a good few people did xD I mean, look at his clothes... and the pretty ;D lol

Skyla posted on 16 March, 2011 - 16:30
...The whole of my university will just have heard the sound-barrier-piercing SQUEE that just burst forth from my lungs. And damnit all, I WOULD DO IT AGAIN. HOLY. FRAKING. HELL. I just... WKGHGBMBGKJAWFGFVHABJGBQHKAGBKHOWTHEHELLDOYOUDOTHISWOMAN?!HFVBEFWHBGV. THERE IS /NO/ COHERENCY. IT WAS LITERALLY MURDERED BRUTALLY THE MOMENT I SAW THESE PHOTOS. JESUSFAVABEANSANDGUAVA. Just... This is just... HOW FRAKING /THIN/ ARE YOU WOMAN?! Screw that, I know the answer, BUT BLOODY DUTCH SHORTCAKES AND LINDT BUNNIES, HOW IN THE NAME OF LIAM?! *________* Okay I answered my own question. With the power of LIAM. That's how you've managed this. And I think I may collapse off my easy chair and start rolling around on my pin-covered floor if I look at DEM IMAGES one more time... But I can't help it. I keep doing it. BECAUSE FRAK THERE IS NO AMOUNT OF MAD CRAZY FLAILING OR DEAFENING-SQUEELING THAT DOES THIS JUSTICE. DAMNIT. YOU'RE GETTING /PINNED/ IN THIS IF YOU'RE NOT CAREFUL. And I don't mean by those sharp pointy things with the bead-heads. Ohohohoho NO. <33333333333333333333333333333333333 ...I'm now going to take one of those long and basking (notlikeoneofthose) moments where I'm so damn proud of the fact that you're my cosplay partner. My partner in crime. MINE MINE MINE MINEMIIIIIIIIIIINE~!! *rolls off cackling in triumph* <.< ...I love you. SO DAMN HARD. xXx <3 xXx

InfiniteJester posted on 16 March, 2011 - 19:40
lookin awesome so far!

Darkiekun posted on 19 March, 2011 - 18:32
Awesome! Hope I can steal you and your hatter one time for photos with one of my Pandora Cosplays C8

BladeyCakes posted on 19 March, 2011 - 18:38
Skyla: ...I love you. Thats is all ;A; <33333333333 You make my day, week, month, year with your Xerx-love-and-approval~ *wiggle* Just... I SO cannot wait to wear these two again, and I CANNOT WAIT TO BE PINNED >8D ...even if poor Liam might get a bit flustered. Then again, it is March... 8D <3 massive... comment of doom... *flop* xD expecting another one soon anyway ;D *brick'd* But just... so much love, my dear! SO MUCH OF IT. My wonderful Xerx~ CANT WAIT FOR THESE VERSIONS TO BE DONE!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY COSPLAY PARTNER! <3 xxx Justhewaydrmademe: Thank you <3 ^w^ Sora: Oho! Thank you and YES PLZ *A* <333 That would be amazing!

Skyla posted on 19 March, 2011 - 18:47
My Liam... /MY/ Liam. I love it. I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT. /So/ very much *___* Seriously, I would wear that thing normally it's so freakin nommy and just... Expect to get stroked A LOT in this. Though you know you should be expecting that already >PD *harasses* <-- youknowyouwantit<3333333333333 AND NOMNOMNOM TO DEM RAINSWORTH BUTTONS. MAY HAVE TO LICK THEM. YOU HEARD ME. <3 I honestly /cannot wait/ to wear these two together, and see all of this cosplay come together (I mean it already looks... SO bloody brilliant and fantastic and nommy and drool-worthy andandand... UNF. <3) and I honestly just hope I can get Break done in time for you, and make you proud, because THIS is going to be so very, very perfect <3. Again I have to say how utterly proud and happy (COSMICALLY happy) I am to have you as my cosplay partner, my partner in crime, and my Liam <3. My one and only Liam, and the best Liam in the ENTIRE universe, ever. I love you so much. xXx <3

Skyla posted on 21 March, 2011 - 23:00
DEM EARRINGS. WILL BE LICKED. YES LICKED. YOU HEARD ME. ...I approve so very much. They look so purdy my dear *w* ninja~ <3. And again... LICKED. LOVE YOU. xXx <3

BladeyCakes posted on 22 March, 2011 - 20:40
Skyla: YOU SCARE ME SOMETIMES ]8< ... <333 xD but if you didnt, you wouldnt be you~ *pats head* Ahem. You know how much your comment made me wibble and spack and flail and roll around like a noob, both through text and through love-attacks that probably didnt sound all that coherent ;D CANNOT WAIT to wear these two, just... dear god *A* So spacking and wibbly to finally do these versions!!! ...and I'm tempted to make you one of those jackets now xD they're not that hard to do, tbh 8P ... *plans next birthday gift* >8D SO PROUD. SO VERY VERY PROUD to have you as my Break and my cosplay partner too ;A; ...not worthy! *clings to legs* LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Hope you'll approve when this is all done my lovely~ xxx

Skyla posted on 22 March, 2011 - 20:53
DAT. MANDRESS. DEM. FASTENINGS. ...Will not be very secure, I know this ;D PREPARE FOR THE HARASSMENT OF ONE XERXES BREAK. <333333333333333333 (Think you should have been expecting it anyway, but just in case~ >PD). Seriously, this really does look...SO very epic, and wonderful, and just... YOUR SKILL. *nibbles it* <3. I love it so damn hard *A* cannotcannotCANNOT WAIT to do these two, and see this all completed and in person (wellorganised~ 8P). Because it already does look so fantastic, and it is going to look MORESO in person, and again I am just so damn proud and spacky and thankful that I have you as my Liam. My one and only Liam. <3 LOVE YOU SO VERYVERYVERY MUCH. xXx <3 P.S. ...TWENTIETH COMMENT VIRGINITY STOLEN. >Pb

To-Do List

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Progress Journal

20th March 2011

.Earrings Completed.

Ain't they just BOOTIFUL? 8D *brick'd*

...cant wait until I get my ears pierced so I can wear real ones though ;A;


19th March 2011

.Getting There.

Jacket is done, save ironing and maybe a little tweaking after that if its needed...

Need to sculpt/paint the earrings, which I'm going to get working on tonight. Clay ahoy! 8D *brick'd*

After that I need to paint one man-dress, sew a few bits on, and hem another... Gloves need washing, contacts need ordering and shoes need painting. But hey, its getting there!


7th February 2011


More progress is taking place~

Felt terrible today so since I couldnt be up and about, I've been working on Liam <3 Am in the process of shaping, and fitting the sleeves for his mini-man-jacket (lol. Nothing manly about ANY part of this outfit...) and re-sewing the sides of the man-dress, since I tried it on and it just wasnt fitted enough 8P MOAR DEFINITION PLZ. Progress of the new fitting is in the costume photos section ^^

Also need to get around to editing the shoes, but may leave them until I need to get my fabric paints out for other bits of the cosplay... so I can sort of get it all done in one go 8'D

...Myself and Xerx also discovered the name of the type of trousers Liam is wearing in this version.

We will never repeat them to anyone.

On pain of angry, embarassed Liam.

That is all. <3

2nd February 2011

Oh the woes of man-dresses...

Well, I finally got shoes for the cosplay - wedge heels, so I can at least be a /little/ taller than my dear Xerx. The wedge is about four inches, so quite tall 8'D might still attempt to ninja some heel-lifts into them... *cough* Yeah. I'm fussy with height accuracy in this cosplay. But I do like them very much <3 They'll be an utter pain to wear, but THEY LOOK NUMMY *A*


The under-dress needs taking up a bit now that I can see how they look with the shoes, but really I just need to turn the hem up a bit. Also need to sort the pattern for the jacket 8P Left some of the pieces at home... OTL

Progress pics soon~

3rd January 2011



...the under-dress...shirt...thing, is almost done~ ;D have created the strip of ruffles for the collar, and pinned them into place - just need to sew them on, and take in the sleeves now! (too baggy 8P)

Have ordered more grey velour/velvet for the jacket, as the old shop really isnt getting any more in that isnt 'crush', but its near enough (or completely) the same fabric, and cheaper too, so it should be fine ^^

The man-dress is on its way to completion now too... and I'm so glad I decided to make it out of duchess satin *___* Nom. Nom. NOM. <3 Its so pretty, and it works so well for that kind of clothing~

Still stuck on how to do the trousers and shoes, but have a few ideas anyway. Also hoping to get my ears pierced soon so I can get accurate earrings!

Pics soon, hopefully~

24th December 2010

Progress Update

Have been working on this cosplay very slowly and the under-dress...thing, is now well on the way to completion. Just need to sew everything into place, add the colar, take in the sleeves and add some buttons to the cuffs.
Will be buying duchess-satin for the main 'dress' during the christmas sales, so hopefully can get that mostly done by the end of January, or sooner.

Need more velvet for the jacket, as I didnt buy enough in the first place and bits of it went wrong 8P but can get more quite easily now its christmas - so that will hopefully be all cut out, ready for lining and sewing together soon ^^ can order it just after christmas, really.

Doubt this will look as good as I was hoping it would, but never mind... can always fix/remake bits later on, but will see how it goes from here first!