Mio Akiyama (Listen!!) - K-ON!!




Yui: Keeta (LemonPanda)
Mio: Me! 8D (CrystalNeko)
Ritsu: Petra (No account)
Mugi: Charlie (Special-Pleb)
Azusa: Izzy (Shigures high school girl)

Summer shoot ftw 8D

1.5m cotton jersey £5.99
Purple thread £1.40

Really simple costume. The dress is made of the main body and sleeves sewn on separately. Black straps are attached on. Everything is hemmed and made using the zig zag stitch because jersey is a stretch fabric.

The detailing I wasn't sure what to use at first, I was torn between applique and fabric paint. Fabric paint would have been ten times easier (and I did actually buy some!) but applique would look better so I opted for that. The fabric I already had as well so it doesn't up my costs. I pinned the fabric in place then used the zig zag stitch all the way around.

The text is just fabric paint because it doesn't look appliqued!

Belt I already owned.
Tights are from Primark.
Base shoes are from Clarks Village. I couldn't find the fabric in time, next timeeee!!

Head bow is made from scrap duchess satin and has a clip to clip into my hair.

LemonPanda posted on 30 July, 2010 - 22:25
OHH!~ starting to look goooooood xD can't wait to see it finishedd~ i noaw has more kinda PUSHHH to finish mine 8'D

Emzone posted on 27 August, 2010 - 16:32
<333 you look so cute wifu 8D Awesome group is awesome!

NatalieNoodles posted on 27 August, 2010 - 16:41
You look really nice! :) You suit Mio so well! <3

Ranma1-2 posted on 27 August, 2010 - 16:55
Love it! :) ..I think it's those amazingly red tights! *_* Your poses are really nice too, so it looks like you are very comfortable cosplaying Mio.

LemonPanda posted on 29 August, 2010 - 09:00
you suited mio soo muchh~ xD You top was so well made~ can't belive how quick you made ittt xD

DizzieDee posted on 11 August, 2011 - 16:10
:O wow you look amazing as Mio, just like her <3

Boot covers
Head bow
Details on dress
Black straps
Make dress

Total cost: £0.00

28th March 2011

New bow!

Made a new bow because the last one came out funny because I didn't have enough fabric! This bow is made out of cotton drill because I couldn't find my stash of wadding so it had to be a rather heavyweight fabric to hold up right. I'd rather use something like satin tbh but don't have enough, pah! Might be wearing this for the Saturday night of Kitacon hence why I made a new bow... And because I was bored and lazy XD; I should go scuttle off and make my actual planned Kita cosplays now... Time Taken: 5mins??

25th August 2010


Pretty much done apart from boot covers which I can't do till I get more fabric!! Shall be done for the futureee~ Getting fingerless gloves in town tomorrow, just in time for the shoot! I was far too tired to put any more effort into the costume... Time Taken: 2.5hrs

30th July 2010


At first, I wanted it to have just two panels only because after having watched the video over and over that's what it appeared to me... But this didn't seem to work, so I made the sleeves separately afterall. It seems to drape really funny so I'm going to see how I can fix that before hemming everything. Despite it being really short it's really comfy!! I like wearing it, and it makes my legs look longer, bonus! 8D I do have red tights, I just couldn't be bothered to put them on just for the photo. By the way not the belt I'll be using for this costume, I have a more accurate belt... Somewhere... Time Taken: 1hr

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