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Amecon 2010




Doing this instead of Kazuki. Got to get a DUEL DISK (c) from somewhere. I'll have a go at making the ring myself, if I get bored we can play ultime frisbee with it. My friend Yami might be cosplaying Yami at some point in the future lol.

EDIT: Got my DUEL DISK!! Things heavier than it looks, almost wore it to my final show for uni, lol, but somehow I don't think it would go with my dress and heels.


Chain Toxin posted on 18 June, 2010 - 18:21
Partner you say? Sure thing fluffy. ;3 but frist thing frist. HUG? : D

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1st June 2010

Millenium ring progress

Having a go making the ring, not goignt o great but i've got time to sort it out. got bored so I made the millenium eye as well. I might make the puzzle for Yami-no-neko's cosplay and then steal it back >>