Shin Seijuro (casual warm-up/training clothes) - Eyeshield 21





Well, I could probably say this about quite a few of my cosplays but this is one I certainly wasn't expecting to do lol mainly considering that I personally think I'm horribly unsuited to do a decent job of it (even if more than half the characters I end up doing tend to be male I'm not -that- manly) XD;

Anyway, a comfy and simple cosplay was needed for the CosplayScotland meet and an Eyeshield 21 one was decided on (but obviously not fully armored @.@ just some casual warm-up clothes). Since a random Sakuraba and Sena (hitachiin and suno) would have been a bit strange it was pretty much decided on that I'd be Shin to make it into a more coherant group, despite how un-shin-like I am XD at least it'll be comfy though and it'll be an excuse to play some catch or touch football lol so I don't mind.

Nothing has been done for this so far except sorting out the hair, which'll be the Tajima/Yamamoto/Hijikata wig-of-a-seemingly-million-uses XD

EDIT [16-04-08]: Small update, have now bought the pants, t-shirt and fabric paint for it. Now all that's left is to paint the shirt and modify the wrist sweatbands borrwoed off suno and everything should be done, I think.

EDIT [12-05-08]: About time I finally get around to updating this I think, since as of 26th April this was complete for the Cosplay Scotland meet. Makes me glad it's generally just a t-shirt and pants though, it was so hot and sunny that day that I wouldn't have wanted to wear much more than that @.@; but the weather was good for playing touch football...which soon turned into just american football but with considerably less people and rules...until it eventually just turned into brawling for the ball (or at times a pineapple) XD; Still confuses me as to how there's not a single grass stain on that t-shirt...


Felixize posted on 12 May, 2008 - 10:03
"...looking slightly less scarily manly for once and actually almost smiling even" I dunno, still looks pretty gar to me XD .....We should totally do the school uniforms version sometime... We can make Mia be Otawara!

Odd-One-Out posted on 12 May, 2008 - 12:45
Heck, this makes my day seeing Eyeshield 21 cosplay!

Suno-chan posted on 21 May, 2008 - 19:58
zsgdxhfcgkvs LIKE HELL YOU'RE MAKING MIA BE OTAWARA. >.> you can cosplay Otawara...both of you. At the same time.