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Progress Journal

19th May 2010


Been working on designing a pattern for this for the last couple of nights ... it's just so ... well, she's just got EVERYTHING out hasn't she?! ... I'm all for accuracy but dear lord, I'm no dizzy ... with her pixel perfect behind and waistline ... *weeps*

SO. I'm making a slightly more modest/wearable version of this outfit ... I'm tweaking a corset pattern, to accommodate the cut out front, and am probably going to have the skirt attached. I think the sleeves/top will be attached at the back (no legit pictures of Dizzy from the back ANYWHERE, so I shall make it up, hmph!)and will buckle on to the front ... I'm a little concerned that a corset style design means the sides will gape around the cut out area, but I thiiiink as long as it doesn't lace up to tight at the back it should be oki ... s'ide a corset will give me the slinky waistline required ... as the whole gym going isn't really ... well, erms, going right now.

As in I'm not going.

I'm sitting here, drinking tea and posting on Cosplay Island.