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I started playing Bayonetta the other day, and after looking at how insanely complicated Bayonetta's costume is, stopped looking at it as impossible and started relishing the challenge! Also I will jump at the opportunity to wear a costume that features glasses, as I'm tired of my astigmatism murdering head when in spectacle-less costumes. And also after putting my hair up and looking at myself from the right angle, I think I might be able to pull it off!

We shall see.


Ranma1-2 posted on 24 December, 2010 - 16:17
Best wishes with costume construction..I think you will be able to pull it off too. :)

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Progress Journal

29th December 2010

Shoes and ideas

These are boots I dug from the back of my wardrobe, after checking on the off-chance that they hadn't been given to charity! Quite a blessing, considering the failure I had while searching for them online (any boots with more than a 3 inch heel all had platform soles, which wouldn't work with the shoe design without covering them to hide the join between the shoe and the platform, and covering shoes is something I'm trying to avoid)! One of the boots needs reheeling but that will be easily taken care of.

Between the different official artworks of Bayonetta, the shoes are quite inconsistent, with the main shoe colours ranging from black to grey to brown. However, after looking at some screenshots from in-game, I've determined that the soles of her shoes are definitely red. To cover the rest of the inconsistencies, I'm going to try and combine the shades, with the main shoes being a grey, and the strap, ankle cuff, heel, toe cap and sole line being added as a metallic fabric, in either black, dark grey or brown.

I plan to alter the colour of the boots themselves using vinyl fabric paint. Bayonetta's boots aren't shown to have a zip, but I can overlook that considering that these boots are free and perfect in every other way. I will cut them down to length, and find a way to lock off the open end of the zip without having to actually hem the top of the boots, maybe something as basic as putting a bit of duct tape on the top of the zip portions would work!

As far as the guns go, I'm not 100% sure what weapons I will be doing for her feet yet. I'd like to do the shotguns, but I'm not sure they won't just be too big and heavy. Besides, the red Scarborough Fayre handguns are very nice, I think the red will bring an extra touch of colour to a very dark outfit. The fire or lightning claw boots would be fun, but I just can't think of a way to realistically recreate fire or lightning without either being incredibly lame, or incredibly dangerous xD So I think I'll stick with the Scarborough Fayres :) I'm planning on casting them from resin, so being able to pump out four identical ones will make life much easier!