Yui Hirasawa

Cosplayer: Enchanting_ELK

Variant: Winter Uniform

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

16th September 2012: Found possible shoes! My Ui, Hiname, shared with me some shoes that she thought would work. They are shown in the image ^^
I'm going to go to New Look and try them on at some point soon, just to make sure that they fit okay and don't hurt my feet ;w;
Not sure on what kind of medium to use for the blue on the front, though. It'd have to withstand the weather pretty well. I have some acrylic paints for college so I could see if my blue is accurate and try that. Acrylic is supposedly waterproof once dry. c:

I'll probably be wearing this on the Sunday of expo if I can afford everything! c: Budgetting today again to find out!

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cowiee - 8th May 2011
Yui ~ !