Shih-na - Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations


Nemacon 2010




I finished this game a few months back and I loooooooved it!

I especially loved Shih-na for reasons I wont divulge incase you haven't played it yet!

Shi Long Lang is so cool and Shih-na is his perfect sidekick and I'm very much looking forward to wearing this cosplay!


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Progress Journal

29th June 2010

How it went....

Didn't have time to get the gloves done for Nemacon, but I shall be wearing this one again, so I'll get them done for next year. However was a lot of fun to wear, really really enjoyed posing for this one :D

15th May 2010


Got most of the materials I need now and the wig is on its way! Just need little things now like the shades and hopefully I can figure out how to sew the pink trim on!