Konata Izumi (Cheerleading outfit) - Lucky Star




Well This costume took me no time at all, I bought the fabric one lunch time at college and then whipped it up on the machines there in the afternoon (I was doing my BTEC fashion and design at this point) My tutor was like, 'soooo, you not doing any proper work today then!' Nope. So got to use the industrial press and super fast industrial machines, excelent. My sisters Akira costume took me longer so I felt a bit scammed when I had to give it away, the Konata wig was just silly just sat on it and got tangeled in it all day. A good day, lovely and sunny.


kittenaid posted on 16 May, 2010 - 15:54
impressive. don't believe I saw you T_T I was k`onata also but in summer uniform x