Edward Elric (Pride) - Fullmetal Alchemist (Bluebird's Illusion)





This was my first ever cosplay, worn at my first con (May LondonExpo), parts of it went pretty well and others not so much...

Most of the cost went into the boots (which I wanted anyway) but the fabric itself was pretty cheap... especially as I didn't need very much of it :p

The most annoying part was the wig, I couldn't get it straight enough so I didn't wear it the first day and borrowed a friends for the other day (which was the wrong length). The tattoos took longer than I expected too though they were great fun to have for a while.

I wish I'd had time to make the massive flamel which goes with this costume... but unfortunately I left it too late =/
Still I had good fun wearing cosplay for the first time... enough that I've been again in July and will be at the October Expo too.

Probably going for something less... revealing though...


SherlockHulmes posted on 31 July, 2007 - 00:12
Ahh leather trousers, the bane of my life! XD If you ever wanted a nice, straight wig for costumes I really recommend trying a company called "Maple" they are a Japanese wig company and while they can be expensive to get shipped, my god they are worth it. Their blonde, straight ones are utterly gorgeous and perfectly straight. :D The tattoos look awesome, and the top looks great! Nice and neat :) Glad to see you enjoyed cosplaying for the first time! Keep it up! (God knows what I will be wearing for the October Expo XD)

VermilionChaos posted on 30 May, 2008 - 16:02
wooo edwardd!! yay!!! bluebirds illusion is an interesting game, i've managed to navigate my way through the chinese version, not understandign a word of it, just looking at the pictures XP its worth my seeing ed in unifrom and then turn homoculus XD great customer btw