Amu Hinamori (School Uniform) - shugo chara




Why did I choose to make it?
I was really into Shugo Chara back then, I thought all the guardians were very cute~~

What was the hardest part?
The hardest was probably the waist pouch that Amu wears, there are so much details to be put into it.

What was the easiest part?
Easiest was definitely the "X" hairband.

What was it like when you wore it?
I felt very proud when I was wearing the costume, but at the same time, gutted, because I didn't have enough money to buy the pink wig, so I had to spray it, and it ended up not so well xDD


missemiyvictoria posted on 16 May, 2010 - 18:53
♥♥♥♥ Love it ♥♥♥♥

Nachtangel posted on 13 June, 2010 - 22:31
You make a great Amu! and your friends look great too! =D