Android 18 - Dragonball Z




This was the cheapest costume I've...assembled. This one was mainly modified clothes. I brought a skirt which I took up and chopped the sleeves off a jacket (and then frayed the edge, which killed my fingers). The most work I did on this costume: looking on eBay for the right boots. LOL
I made the Red Ribbon logo out of felt and stuck that on. I cut the wig, not very well and it's something I will replace in the future.

I really enjoyed being 18, I like her personality and it's a childhood thing. I loved going round with my 17 and 16 and then doing an amusing skit. XD Apart from the boots, it was the most comfortable costume ever (because the rest have been a bit random, flowy and layer-y).


Rain posted on 24 February, 2011 - 23:57
wow great cosplay! ^^ androids 16 and 17 are really great too *_*