Nuriko (Anime Artbook (female)) - Fushigi Yƻgi




This was a relatively simple costume. Nice, big and flowy. I did sme serious maths to work out how much material I needed to make the skirt a full circle when I sat on the floor. (Un)fortunately they were about a meter short in the material that I wanted, which I guess is was a lot to sew. The skirt and obi are elasticated to make my life easy, but the top has a hidden zip. The top was too big, but nevermind.
I styled the wig myself, it was difficult to plait because it was so LONG and thus kept getting tangled.

I loved the flowy-ness of the costume, but unfortunately only a few people recognised me. :(


Kacela posted on 6 May, 2010 - 16:36
This is sooo pretty!! You looked so cute!