Moogle (Thief Class) - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance


Auchinawa 2010




Coolest moogle ever.
Was a tricky decision between the classes (as evidenced by the fact I switched from Gunner to Thief), but it's just too cute

Want to try and get a moogle group for Auchi, anybody with me?


Luki posted on 5 November, 2010 - 13:31
That will be SO adorable to see ^_^

kiichan posted on 16 November, 2010 - 17:37
Go go Gadget Shini! See you at Auchi! :D

Zomboi posted on 22 November, 2010 - 17:20
You were so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute

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Progress Journal

22nd November 2010

Not so bad

The moogle went down really well, not a lot of pictures taken but a lot of people seemed to enjoy seeing it, I'm kicking myself for not entering the masquerade (felt so wrong sitting watching instead of being there) but on the other hand the costume wasn't really finished.

Things I need to sort out for next time (because I'd really like there to be a next time);

I'd like to redo the entire headpiece, the ears were super cute and all but there was a lot of inaccuracy with them and I'd like to remake them, I'd also like to have them attached to a headband with wire so they stand up. The bauble itself I was very happy with, I'd have to find a way to make the wire stay upright better (next time I'll attach it somehow BEFORE mid-afternoon at the con). The bandana could have done with being a little larger as well.

Facepaint. I decided to forego it because I had none that matched the ears and it would have felt strange without it, similarly I was going to wear white gloves to go with it, so next time I'll go all out rather than being sort of humanised.

Wings. I was happy with the wings, I really liked them, but I think next time I won't attach them directly to the coat, so they stand out a little stiffer. Maybe.

The coat and the top need hemming and the proper frays added.

I'll remember my damn collar, boo

And finally, I'll actually make that bloody key.

Otherwise, I was quite happy with it :D

18th November 2010

Bit by bit

Taking a tiny break right now even though I probably shouldn't be given how much I need to do.

Con is in less than twenty four hours and I am desperately behind. I've cut out the fabric for the jacket, top and bandana and I've made the wings, which is something at least.

I still need to;

- Figure out how I'm attaching the wings
- Make the ears
- Make the bauble
- sew up the jacket, top and bandana
- find a headband to attach the ears and bauble to and work out best way to fit them all round the bandana
- Make the pendant
- cut the trousers I bought into shorts
- make the shoes

....Plus sew together my hogwarts robe and trim the jumper in red and gold ribbon, and sew the yellow ribbon onto Sweden's shirt.
no worries eh -.-

16th November 2010


Ok! I've bought everything I need! ... I think! (I hope!) so now I really really ought to start sewing, shouldn't I?
I think I'm going to make a start on a couple of things as soon as I've finished typing, though really I'm just procrastinating writing my novel.
I didn't realise I'd spent thirty quid on this costume, though thinking about it that's probably not TOO bad... right? I hope anyway!
I actually have a lot to do before Auchi and only a VERY short space of time to do it in, so I really should get on with it shouldn't I?

At least I've done all the shopping I need to do, that's something, right?

4th November 2010


Ok, so right, here's the plan...

Top - Found some white/yellow striped jersey on Ebay that's perfect.
Jacket/Bandana - Green polycotton, with white jersey for the cuffs/collar and pink ribbon.
Shorts - just some good old black shorts
boots - boot cover type things made of black socks (cheeater XD) and white shoes
Wings - Wire frames covered in fabric or possibly something like paper
white and gold bands - ribbon!
Ears - wire frames and fur (possibly two shades of grey sewn together, possibly dyed, I'm not sure which. Also I'm not sure whether to bother with the pink bit or not yet)
Bauble - wire and fur-covered polystyrene or papier mache frame, whatever's the lightest, will experiment.
Pendant - FIMO! XD