Prince Cornelius (Main Outfit) - Thumbelina




Nocturnal Blossom posted on 3 May, 2010 - 07:19
Lookin' good :)

Monkey posted on 9 May, 2010 - 19:25
Awesome work! Can we see it on you soon? :P

InfiniteJester posted on 9 May, 2010 - 19:31
oo cool thumbelina huh? shud be awesome!

Solaria posted on 9 May, 2010 - 19:32
This is looking amazing 8D

Kacela posted on 16 May, 2010 - 12:30
Awesome ^^ Can't wait to see it completed!!

phalor posted on 16 May, 2010 - 13:31
This looks so good. I'm really happy to see this character being cosplayed!

Zelda posted on 17 October, 2010 - 21:36
Awesome work! Looks amazing ^^

Sephirayne posted on 30 January, 2011 - 12:37
This looks great

FuriePhoenix posted on 10 March, 2011 - 19:21
omg how did I not see this! I love Thumbelina! Very cool cornelius!!

Bedoc posted on 10 March, 2011 - 20:21
Thank you everyone for the lovaly comments :-) Don't worry FuriePhoenix, I'm looking for an opportunity to re-wear this, with better wings though, they were a nightmare!

LittleRecordGirl posted on 13 March, 2011 - 21:27
Amazing! I've adored that film since I was tiny. I even had the complete set of the figures. This is such a nostalgia cosplay to see! And you did it perfectly! Love it!

Bedoc posted on 13 March, 2011 - 21:47
Thank you NakedSalad :-D A full set of the figures? I am so jealous! I loved this film as a kid, then found the dvd and went for the cosplay :-D

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