Hellboy - Film, Comic Book, Animation

Status :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo Oct 2009


The tail in latex

Stick a fork in it, It's done

Just keep trucking

Getting there

From humble beginings

After the hair was put on and the face cut out

horns put on

The horns in fiberglass

Me down at the MCM EXPO

Me with a HELLGIRL



This is a good example of something easier said then done. It all started when I bought a 1.1 scale replica of the Good Samaritan gun from forbidden planet in London. Now £300 lighter and even Theo it came with a nice stand it seemed lost on it, so I had to buy the utility belt, £200. Then I said to myself
"the right hand of doom would look really good on my shelf", so as you can see It's one of those thing that build up after time. The jacket is not modified atoll apart from two iron on B.P.R.D. patches I put on to the upper arms.
The tail is a peace of foam rolled into a cone shape, rounded off the tip, glued onto an old belt and covered in red latex to look like skin.
The mask is a heavily modified full faced devils mask. Horns cut off new fiberglass ones put on, cut out face to see and breath better, fake hair glued onto back, sides and chin, little bit of latexing to make everything blend in and some airbrushing. The hand is a peace of PVC pipe with a cricket glove at the end rapped in foam, fiber glassed, body filled, rubbed down, painted, airbrushed and some latex put around the hand to blend it in. Paint my face and other hand red and there you go HELLBOY.

By the way I've just brought the BIG BABY gun for £550, so the whole lot now owes me round about £1300 (you better start saving)

Check out this link to see more http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNSZKtCRR94


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