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This is all Spirit_of_the_Stage's fault, I repeat this to him again "this is ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!!!" First, he converted me into the series, secondly he made me want to cosplay as Reinforce Zwei and thirdly he made me caved into doing at least one Nanoha cosplay a year.

He will be crossplaying as Vita at the begining of 2011 (possibly at MinamiCon 17) and he asked if I wanted to cosplay as Nanoha. To be honest Nanoha is a character which I like, but not enough to cosplay as her. However with Spirit_of_the_stage cosplaying as Vita, it will be great if I was Nanoha because personally, I think Vita has a stronger connection with Nanoha more then any other character. Eventually, I caved because after watching the series again, I am begining to really like Nanoha! She was my 6th favourite character, but now she moved up to my 3rd favourite after Fate and Hayate.

The hardest part was to choose which barrier jacket costume? In the end I've decided to go for the standard StirkerS costume because I'm not too fond of long skirts unless it's a formal dress. I also prefer the older version of Nanoha because her longer pigtails are more pretty.

Costume planned for MinamiCon 17 masquerade ith Spirit_of_the_Stage as Vita, if I am unable to make it to Minami, then it will be for KitaCon 2011.


k4tt posted on 2 May, 2010 - 17:32
YaY!!! Can't wait to see this one. I have always admired your cosplays and I'm sure you will do this one justice ^__^

Ichigo-Chan posted on 2 May, 2010 - 22:11
Thank you! This cosplay is a definite for end 2010/begining 2011. Really? I think my cosplays are really awful, but your comment made me happy.

Kannacchi posted on 8 May, 2010 - 15:51
I love this version of nanoha ^^ it's so cute

angelic-cat15 posted on 23 October, 2010 - 21:40
can't wait 2 see u as her dn when I'm gonna do her lol so many cosplays I want 2 do XD

Ichigo-Chan posted on 24 October, 2010 - 08:58
@ Tsu-Chan This is my favourite version of Nanoha and yes, it's cute indeed ^^ @ angelic-cat15 Thanks This is my next costume in the line after when I complete Rachel (BlazBlue), so definitely will be done early next year along side with a friend crossplaying as Vita. Can't wait to see yours too, even though I may have to wait for along time, I'm sure yours will turn out great!

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Progress Journal

14th June 2010

Do you hear my balance crying?

Not the intended title, but this is the most expensive wig I brought which is killing my bank balance.

Finding the perfect Nanoha wig was the most difficult thing! As a person who is fussy to get the perfect wig, every Nanoha wig which I've searched for the past 6 months are either too brown, too orange, pigtails are too thick or fringe is styled incorrectly. After searching for such a long period of time, I came across a wig which I can not resist! the colour is orange-brown, thinner pigtails, nicely cut fringe and high in quality means I have to snip it!

Wig costs £34 + £14 (postage) = £48 which is very expensive, then again I usually pay £40 for long pre-styled wigs and thought it was worth paying a little extra since I will regret if I ever let the wig go, however I was hit by [insert swear word] customs and had to pay an extra £22! My poor bank balance *cries* overall I paid £70 for the wig, which means I can't let this wig go to waste, so definitely need to complete this cosplay next year. Also, I'm caving to cosplay as her barrier jacket (Exceed mode) to make more use of the wig.

Overall, I'm pretty much happy with the wig though I had to make slight adjustments to the pigtails to make them balance equally and defy gravity.

Apparently, my camera experinced problems with colour, so I thought I should post a pic with the flash (right) and a pic without flash (left) and it turns out the pic with the flash shows the closest colour.