Cissnei/Shuriken - Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core; Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis





I already had a black suit from when I went to work experience in a barrister's office a couple of years back, so I figured I should do what all FF fans do and cosplay a Turk. 8D I would probably have cosplayed Elena (or Shotgun<33333333) if I'd had a blonde wig, but alas - I didn't.
However one day on the way to school I saw a Cissnei wig sitting in the window of a wigstore, practically BEGGING me to buy it, and there was a sale on as well, so I snapped it up for about £14 or so. I love that store, I am totally going there again in the future.
And I borrowed the tie from a friend who didn't want it anymore.

I won't wear Cissnei to an expo or anything but her character is sweet and awesome. Also I'm kinda sick of her (lol) because I wore her to act as some kind of agent in my AS Media project, and after 6+ days of rewearing her it was starting to annoy me. XD But I do love the shade of that wig <33

Besides, one day I know I'm going to have a long blonde wig. I will do Shotgun yet. 8D


j_mercuryuk posted on 14 November, 2010 - 18:08
Cissnei love!! You made a awesome Cissnei.