Aphrodite IX - Aphrodite IX




I'm a big fan of the Image ladies, from Aphrodite IX to Aspen to Witchblade. I thought Aphrodite IX would be the most clothed out of them all, so I decided to start with the green hair and go from there!

The outfit itself was reasonably simple, as I knew where to purchase quality wigs, facepaint and a bullet belt. I already owned the gloves, boots and top. Surprisingly the main feature I had difficulty with was the skirt >___> Every skirt I found was either too dark, too light, or the wrong kind of texture. I needed something flowy and a lightish tan colour, which I spent too long searching for. In the end I ended up finding a longer skirt and trimming it for the kinda "torn" effect her outfit usually has.

One of my most favourite outfits to date, as it was the first one I had spent a decent amount of effort and time on. Very comfortable too! I think the event itself was enjoyable too, as there were so many others in costume; despite the waiting time in the lines....


Syxx posted on 23 May, 2010 - 00:12
The world needs MORE Aphrodites!