Asagi - Sh15uya




Tak, Dez and I did a Sh15uya (Shibuya 15 - Jdrama) group at Minami.

Des was dragged into our folly, after Tak and I watched this sci-fi teenage gang Jdrama and loved it! Dez also bore a resemblane to the main guy, er girl playing a guy..! Tak and I did 2 of the street-gang leaders. Asagi the top-ho of the Lovegen clan, and DJ the bo'est of da BO, da yo yo.

Being mostly street-clothing, my outfit wasn't too difficult. Mostly bought, slightly modified. We did a photoshoot with the patient and talent Nic outside the hotels on the Sunday. It was fun, especially with the notebooks that we scribbled on (in parody to the ending credits).

Do you know how impossible it is to buy red fuy at short notice in London, and yet easy to find a lighten wooden katana/sword?


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