Wolf Link
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Cosplayer: Serroana

Variant: Quadsuit

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

London MCM Expo May 2009 Masquerade: Best Junior

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1st August 2010: Goodbyes Well, finally got a new owner for Linky boy :C
Sad to see him go, but I can tell he's going to go to a good home who'll look after him :)
Bye-bye Wolf Link, and thank you for all the great memories TT^TT
(I get too emotionally attached to my costumes >.>')

17th June 2010: New and Improved Wolf Link is being improved with a new head, feet, legs and tail and an improved bodysuit. He will be attending LFCC 2010 along with Amaterasu again.

Zelda avatar

Zelda - 29th April 2010
This was amazing, i remember seeing you and cuddleing you for ages ^^

kitsune avatar

kitsune - 30th April 2010
I loved this costume at expo, I had a break and stood next to you on the bridge never seen so many people stop to take pictures before. Nice work.

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 18th May 2010
Brilliant costume! I've not seen this done before either - nice work.

VeXerLINK avatar

VeXerLINK - 23rd May 2010
I saw you in a video of the masquerade, awesome job on winning best junior, you definatly deserved it!

Great cosplay and I envy you with your awesome quad suit making skills -_-'


- avatar

- - 20th July 2010
Your made this really well and accurate. great job <3

amberlovers avatar

amberlovers - 23rd July 2010
This is brilliant and amazing, a true legend!

Serroana avatar

Serroana - 23rd July 2010
Thank you everyone ^^

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 30th July 2010
I huged you and it was just AWESOME !!!!

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 5th August 2010
Omg i want to make a full suit but i dunno where to begin! Its so good!

Serroana avatar

Serroana - 5th August 2010
@dragora- Have a look at the livejournal fursuit community, there's a lot of entries and people who are happy to help :)