Archer - Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness


This is such a cute little costume, although it was stressful to make - mainly because I spent most of the Saturday of Minamicon finishing it D: I'd never made a hoop skirt before and my mockup failed horribly, as did the final product to an extent as I made it far too big around the waist and had to pleat it to get it to fit. Fortunately the black overskirt with its adorable little lace trim covered up all of my errors! XD

The wig was also a nightmare - it doesn't survive close inspection! I bought a long wig and clipped it to a bob (simply because trying to tie it back while attaching the curls would've been a lot of hassle), then PVA-glued the clipped wig hair laboriously onto some duct-tape-covered chicken wire strips. It all fell off! But the PVA had dried so I had these strips of hair, therefore I just double-sided-sticky-taped them back onto the wire strips and hot-glued any bits that peeled! It's pretty awful though, you can see bits of yellow duct tape everywhere. But they're not noticeable in the photos, thank goodness!

The boots were acquired at the actual con as well, and because I didn't have the reference art with me I sewed the boot cuffs on back to front. D'oh!

More unfortunately, however, I left the wooden bow and arrow set I'd bought on the train on the way to Minami! But at the con there was a maid cull event using whopping huge bow and arrows and they let me borrow one for photos :D It was better than the one I had!

So yes, this was a somewhat disastrous costume in making and execution, but the pics were worth it XD

Chain Toxin posted on 27 April, 2010 - 21:38
You make a very cute Archer! I can tell that you worked really hard on the costume and it really does show. well done.

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