Russia - Axis Powers Hetalia




Russia from Axis Powers Hetalia.

The coat is a raincoat I got in the sale from Debenhams for approx £25 which is the most costly part of the cosplay including the wig. I bascially chopped off all the buttons on the coat and fliped the coat so it closed to the right instead of to the left, which gave it the asmetrical feel. Thank you to my mummy again who spent a night sewing all the brown piping around the coat. We used velcro for the fastenings which makes it easy to get on and off.

I've had the boots since I was 13, and although not exactly right they seem to go well with this cosplay just fine so I had no extra cost in buying shoes.

The scarf came from Primark and cost me £2. I was lazy and instead of sewing the scarf to get the right shape/lenght, I used a glue gun instead. It's made the fabric go a little yellow at the edges but it gave the scarf weight at the end so it stills well when its on and doesnt fly around too much.

Russia usually has a medal on his coat, I used a "Nightmare Before Christmas Skellington Jack" medal I bought from China Town in London years ago. Why? Cos I love NBC and I guess Russia would too :)

I got the wig from ebay, it was sold as a "Russia/Hetalia" wig. I've hardly had to style it appart from fixing it when it comes out of storage.

I dont have any props for Russia. I was going to make a metal pipe, or buy a sunflower, but then I remembered, I hate props.


Littlegeeky posted on 27 April, 2010 - 23:01
Ahh I remember you from Aya (I'm the Canada in the picture) I thought you made an awesome Russia 8D