Android 18 - Dragonball Z




With Dragonball Kai currently airing in japan, it's rekindled my love for all things Dragonball. I've always wanted to do a Dragonball cosplay and so I've gone for a simple one I can get ready for May expo, the most awsome android 18. She can kick Vegeta's butt and marries Krillen, how awsome is that? :P

All I need is a pair of brown boots, denim vest/skirt combo and a long sleeved black and white t-shirt and my cosplay is complete. The best thing about this cosplay is that I will be able to wear pretty much all of it in every day life so the money spent on it wont be "wasted" on one days worth of wear.

I'm blond.

She's blond.



Bambi. posted on 10 May, 2010 - 21:34
Why has this not been commented yet!! :o Can't wait to see this. 18 is so badass! Love her! You're gonna look awesome! :D