Bulma Briefs (Trunks saga ) - Dragonball Z




Bulma Briefs, Trunks saga outfit. Its the bufont hair, I am so obsessed with it at the moment that I just have to give this one a go.

Looking at it, it's going to be simple but researching it I have found that it's going to probably take a while to find the exact things I need O_o and its all such a miss-match of colour that theres potential that I'll end up looking like a clown but...THE HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So awsome-o.


Sadly, cosplay on hold :( I wasnt able to buy any suitable fabric this weekend and the wig I wanted was sold out :( so I wont be able to do this in time for May expo but I will still venture on and make it for something....^_^;;


KuroStylr posted on 27 April, 2010 - 19:36
OMG you'd make a fab bulma! When you do this there will be much drooling and 'OMG'D-ING'!

mimi_having_fun posted on 27 April, 2010 - 19:39
Tee hee thank you ^_^ I'm planning on doing it for this May Expo, I'm limited to money and time, it wont be perfect but if all goes to plan it should come out ok :)

Ino posted on 27 April, 2010 - 19:42
Her most awesome look by far!! :D And nooooooooooo you're making me want to do my DBZ costume like RIGHT NOW XDDD Nooooooo

mimi_having_fun posted on 27 April, 2010 - 19:59
I'm marching forward with DBZ cosplay! All must follow meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

sarmander posted on 27 April, 2010 - 21:25
YAAAAAAAY~! XD You'll be a fantastic Bulma! But would you be able to get through doors with that hair? X3

gaming_goddess posted on 9 May, 2010 - 21:16
I love bulma so much - and this version is one of the best (what girl doesn't want an aqua green afro!!) Can't wait to see it completed :D

Bambi. posted on 9 May, 2010 - 22:10
YES!! I have ALWAYS wanted to do this since seeing DBZ! Its such a rad outfit! Fully cannot wait for this! <3

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