Yotsuba Koiwai (Yotsuba, the Ranch (Farm) man (or Yotsuba with a box on her head)) - Yotsuba&!




If you read Yen Press editions of Yotsuba&! this is in volume 8. Yotsuba went to the farm in Volume 7 and loves cows. She has decided to become Ranch man, bearer of milk and butter...or yotsuba with a cow bath towel cape and a box on her head.


Hannah-Kiwii posted on 19 July, 2010 - 20:56
May I say that this is unbelievably epic? =D COS IT IS! I wanna see pictures when you're done. Pictures!!!! =D

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Progress Journal

9th May 2010

Bought some fabric...

While shopping for fabric for another cosplay, I stumbeled upon some cow print fabric which meant I wouldnt have to spend time painting black splodges on some white material to make Yotusba's cow cape. It cost a £7.25 a meter, I think I could have done with just a meter but to be on the safe size I got 2 so spent 15 quid but on the plus side, I have a lot of left over material to make cow cushions :) Now all I need is a box that will fit my head and not fall off :) cosplay 50% done! :)