Caine - Range Murata Pinky Street Figure


AmeCon 2007




I had a massive obsession with Pinky Street and the moment the Range Murata characters were released, I knew I just had to cosplay one of them. Caine seemed just so cute and versitile that I thought I'd go for her.

Again, the most expensive part of this cosplay was the wig. It was actually on sale as a Gin (Bleach) cosplay wig, but was the right lenght and colour for Caine. As it was on sale as a specific wig, it was a little expensive at about £25 including postage, but is really good quality so I wasnt too bothered about the price.

The cane is made out of an old piece of wood my dad had lying around, he stuck an old drawer knob on the top. We then painted it black and sliver. We had to buy the can of silver spray paint which was about £6 but it lasted ages (I still have it!) and have used it for other projects.

I got some cheap, thick, black off-cut material from an outlet store to make the hat. I also go some cheap white material from the same store for the piping, all together I got mountains of fabric for about £10, and I only used a tiny part for this cosplay(I still have loads left >_<).

The dress is a skirt and t-shirt sewn together (thank you mum!) which cost about £20 in total. The stockings and shoes were from Primark and cost £4 in total.

I made the eyepatch out of some elastic and sliver material I had lying around and cost me next to nothing.

This is probably one of my favourite cosplays, but I've only ever worn it once O_o I'm also terrified of washing it as I think all the little white pieces will fall off in the washing machine and it took just soooo long to glue them all on.


yukioto posted on 27 April, 2010 - 19:42
Both Range Murata designs and Pinky St. are really cute! I remember seeing these a few years back and never thought anyone would have cosplayed them. You look awesome! X3

mimi_having_fun posted on 27 April, 2010 - 19:52
Thank you very much ^_^