Firklin - Shining Force EXA


AmeCon 2007




Takuropop and I cosplayed a mage-duo from RPG game Shining Force EXA - Firklin & Amatililly.

We debuted our costumes at JapanExpo Paris July 2007, but our first UK con will be AmeCon 2007.

This was my most challenging costume to date... and it's fallen apart a bit, so I still need to work on it! The shoes aren't accurate, but did ok as a "wing it" option. Amazed because I didn't use a single pattern! Guesswork FHOO~

I absolutely love the wig, and can't wait until I go grey <3


SherlockHulmes posted on 31 July, 2007 - 00:14
FACE! These costume was perfect for you, very cute! The wig did look ace, although I see none of MY photos were good enough eh? EH?! :P Use the fancy french photographers then, ooh la la...see if I care... ;) Still, great job Rachel, awesome stuff! :)

RachelMei posted on 2 August, 2007 - 10:18
(Ah, I didn't get an e-mail notification for this comment, are you meant to? Also, not sure if this counts as replying to your post?) Thanks! Especially for not just shouting "FURRY FACE!" I'm sure your photos were wonderful, but haven't managed to get them off Nia yet!

Jenivix posted on 7 August, 2007 - 16:17
This costume is so beautiful x-x You wear it beautifully ^^

Tak posted on 7 August, 2007 - 20:07
FURRY-FACE! There...happy now?

Yuka posted on 8 December, 2007 - 01:37
This costume is adorable!! I love love love the wig. Nice work ^o^

Hexi posted on 11 April, 2008 - 12:50
its really good! got a reference picture so we can compare? it's really well made though! it's a lovelly outfit in general though! ^^