Mio Akiyama (Don't Say "Lazy") - K-ON!

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Will be worn for a disco/karaoke/party at Minamicon next year~ Because it's fun having a separate costume, more casual costume for parties!

I originally uploaded this ages ago... But I took it down because I didn't know when to cosplay her for... But now I know! 8D

Mio is so moe moe kyun~!

1.5m Black cotton drill £5.25
Mini top hat £4-5 (This included the alice headband, felt and ribbon)
Blue tights £1.00

I decided to be accurate and make it a backless dress, which made it a bit trickier than it should have been but I got there in the end. I basically made a strapless bodice with a very low back, like a combination of my Princess Garnet and Tutu bodices.

I then made a circle skirt and attached it onto the bodice.

The straps for the dress is one long rectangle and sewn on to be like a halterneck. I sewed on double layered ruffles for the bodice (so that I didn't have to hem it) and the ruffles for the skirt is one layer and hemmed.

The mini top hat was made with corrugated cardboard for the crown and brim, then craft foam for the side band. This was all covered in felt before attaching the different sections together. The ribbon was attached on as well. This was all hot glued onto an alice headband.

Blue tights I bought from Primark.
Clip on fringe from eBay.


Charlie-Bear posted on 24 April, 2010 - 20:28
DAMN RIGHT WOMAN! Its like your anime double <3 I am so excited for this :'D Many outfits must follow! You will be so cuuuuuuute >.<

Freyarule posted on 24 April, 2010 - 20:54
Woah she is like your spitting image!!! 8D DOOO EEEET

LemonPanda posted on 14 June, 2010 - 13:43
Moe Moe Kyuuuun~ >D will bes awesomeeee~ xD

Charlie-Bear posted on 29 June, 2010 - 21:32
Oooh this is looking so pretty! YOU HAVE MOTIVATED ME TO START MUGI! *If i totally had some black cotton drill I'd be glued to my sewing machine right now D: *

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Progress Journal

3rd July 2010

03/07/2010 - Ruffles complete!

Waheeey, finished hemming all the ruffles.
I started off doing a double roll, but then the ruffles didn't drape nicely, so I did a single hem and it doesn't matter as it's the shape I wanted and you can't see the edges on the inside anyway.

Now I can't do anything until I buy some blue fabric :|
(Unless I decide to make the bow out of cotton drill to match the dress, I haven't decided yet)

Time Taken: 30mins

29th June 2010

29/06/2010 - Ruffles 80%

Dress is fully hemmed and the ruffles is all sewn on. Just need to hem the bottom ruffles, aaaaargh. There's 360" worth of fabric to hem... That's just over 9 bloody metres. I think I'm going to use hemming web to hem it - otherwise I'm going to need 2 bobbins worth of thread just to hem the thing XD.

Time Taken: 1hr

Totally wearing the wrong bra in the photo, hence why you can see my bra straps xD;
And my hair is covering the front ruffles =w= I put my hair there to cover the bra straps, not the bodice XDDD

21st June 2010

21/06/2010 - Top hat!

Went out to buy some more craft foam and felt today, so finished the top hat!

Surprisingly this came out worse than the top hat I made for my friend which happened to be my first one, God damnit xD
See, told you I get worse and worse after every costume :P

Made from cardboard, craft foam and felt with hot glue to keep it together.

Costs: £4-5 approx (This included the alice headband, felt and ribbon)
Time Taken: 1hr

Wig in the photo is for picture purposes only!

19th June 2010

18/06/2010 - Dress!

Dress is complete! Just gotta hem the bodice and sew on the ruffles x)

I underestimated how hard it was to make that bodice backless, but I got there in the end! Not too tricky, just thought I could cut out the patterning first time but I had to pin it in place once I tried it on to get it perfectly fitting xD;

You can see my petticoat under this - you won't see it once the ruffles are sewn on though :P

Yes that is a guitar, I don't play bass XD But I wanted a cool instrument to pose with *dork* (I wish I could play bass though - I can play bass on Rock Band if that counts? :P)

Those aren't the shoes I'll be wearing, I'll be buying some more accurate ones from Primark sometime when I go into town!

And I do have the blue tights already, I just really couldn't be bothered to change into them XD

Time Taken: 2hrs

Random note: Loool, I always take pictures as Mio right after a dance lesson when my hair's been in a ponytail making my bangs kink. It's also partly due to me putting my bangs behind my ears as well, Mio will never have straight bangs, never! XD

18th June 2010

18/06/2010 - Petticoat

Old picture is old, but I took down my Mitsuki costume which was what the petticoat was originally made for. So I figured I should have some where on here to reference what it looks like :P

100% hand made, pretty damn shoddy but it was my first and it works XD
It shapes better than those rectangular petticoats that's just gathered up as well, much much better! It gives a proper bell shape.

And it can withstand something as heavy as my cotton drill dress XD.

It's a three tiered petticoat as you can see. Basically they're long strips of rectangles all at different lengths, gathered into each other.

Not including this in the time taken or costs but just as a reference, it took me around 6-8hrs to make and it costed me £2.85 as there's 3m of tulle in that skirt. See, why buy a petticoat that costs £15 when you can make one for under £3? ;D

Pictures of the dress to come in a couple hours time~ I've made the skirt, gonna make the bodice in two ticks~ (IT'S BACKLESS! NO ZIP FOR ME AND I CAN FINISH THIS DRESS IN ONE NIGHT IF I WANT XD)

12th June 2010

12/06/2010 - Hair and make up test

My fake fringe arrived yesterday 8D It's so silky~

I'm happy with how alike my hair looks to Mio's now with the fake fringe... Only I don't have the super short bangs... I'm not cutting my bangs that short nor can I be bothered to buy extensions for it XD
I just got back from my dance lesson when I took the photo so my real bang's kinked a bit from being in a ponytail! It won't be like that when I actually cosplay Mio.

Next time however, MAKE UP ON LEFT CHEEK! It's a mirror image so it looks right but it's not :P

Costs: £5.99