Simca (First version) - Air Gear




These are the components of my cosplay:
- Hat
- Goggles
- Dress
- Boots
- Gloves
- Wig
- Short-shorts

I bought the hat, dress and gloves as a whole costume from eBay because i was pretty short on time to make them myself. Plus i suck at making costumes anyway XD
The wig was also bought from eBay.
I made the boots myself, using green socks and white canvas stripes attached over some plain pumps. I actually had the stripes glued to the socks with a glue gun... while i was wearing them. It's one of those 'don't try this at home' things xD
The wig got seriously messed up, because it's so long, and so I am either going to be giving it away to one of my little wig hoarders or setting it on fire. I know which one I would rather do...
The hat and goggles were attached to my head with clips, and only fell off a few times. Why didn't the hat fit normally? Because i have an unusually large head, and the hat didn't want to stay on it. (the proof of this being that when other people tried the hat on, it fit fine XD)
Other than that, it was allright.

This costume is, surprise surprise, retired! I binned most of the costume because.... well, why not.


- posted on 1 September, 2010 - 18:02
Great simca cosplay =3 you look stunning

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