Zoey - Left 4 Dead


Nemacon 2010


A few months ago I only knew that L4D was a game my boyfriend liked to play with his friends and since I've got no real interest in zombie based gaming I left it at that. Then I stayed over his one night and he played it while I got on with some work. But instead I watched him and kept asking questions; 'What does the Smoker do?', 'What's that music for?', 'Is there a story?' etc.
Eventually I got the game myself and I looooooove Zoey! She's so cute and geeky. And is pretty normal looking unlike most of the characters I want to cosplay.

So I knew I had to.

I'm wanting to get this done for Nemacon and to be honest the hardest part is probably going to be makingthe medkit. My boyfriend is going as Ellis from L4D2 so we can kick ass together :D

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