Alto Saotome (School Uniform) - Macross Frontier


I've had the shirt for this costume completed for almost a year now, with Minami coming up and Lex doing Michael I thought now would be a good time to finish it off.

I can't claim much credit for this costume. The wig was done by my amazing friend Jemma as a commission. It's a bit tight on my head, but it's a perfect wig and I'm really happy with it.

The school emblem was done by Lex on a fancy machine she bought. I did have one I made myself but it wasn't anywhere near as good!

So all I really did was add the blue bits to the shirt, the tie, and then pout a lot. ;)

Still, we got some great group photos with Special-Pleb, MissUni and Lex at Minami and it was nice to have a laugh with all of them. :)

Photo credits go to Elidih/Ashe, Redkun, Nert and some other guy who I never got the name of.

Amy-Lou posted on 21 April, 2010 - 13:49
You got some great photos! Well worth losing the beard ;)

CGOPbleachbabe posted on 21 April, 2010 - 15:38
Omg amazing alto XDDDD

xLaviChii posted on 15 August, 2011 - 21:35
you look amazing~

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