Hikaru Hitachiin (school uniform) - Ouran High School Host Club


Auchinawa 2006




There was a Ouran group hosting the Auchinawa EGL tea party and twins were needed! And, because we're roughly the same size and build, Angelphie and I are as close as there was gunna be to twins

I love this costume even if it is simple! And I love being a twin (even an unconvinving one).


Forest posted on 26 October, 2007 - 20:26
Oooooo very nicely done indeed. Lovely to see some well done Ouran cosplays :D Great job on the wigs too. Really..the twins' wigs seem so daunting, cause as simple as they look, their style is so precise. Lovely colour too ^-^

Yuka posted on 15 February, 2008 - 00:28
ohmygawd REAL TWINS!!! I'll never tell them apart... <3333