Lunasa Prismriver - Touhou


AmeCon 2007




At Minami 07 I had spotted a touhou cosplayer, we talked about getting a group together. In the end there were three of us up for it, the three prismriver sisters seemed like a natural choice. In the end one of our group took ill and couldn't make it to the con.

Despite being fairly simple, the costume took a long time because of my lack of a sewing machine at the time. This was my first real costume and although it isn't the best made ever, I had fun with it. I really liked the hat, though the Moon never really stood up properly, also the oversized beads.

People spent the entire day asking me if I could play the violin (I can't, and it was a 3/4 size one anyway, so vastly too small.)

I need to hunt down some better pics of this, preferably with me posing with the violin.


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