Tsukiyomi Ikuto (Black Lynx) - Shugo Chara!





Current Shugo Chara fanboying leads this to my list, lets see if the fanboying lasts until I have finished other costumes and want to start it. Ikuto is an entertaining character though.

I would have to swallow my pride and wear cat ears, that's a blow to self esteem right there.

Costume on a little less indefinite hold, A friend mentioned doing Amu sometime, which may bump this up the list a little, I'd like to aim for a summer con though, this costume is made of belts and lycra, with precious little of either, I would die during the winter, plus that gives me time to do more sit ups if I'll be showing off my belly even more then my Simon cotume does. =-p


Hexi posted on 14 April, 2008 - 15:25
KYAH! Ikutooooo~! I love him! im doing an Utau tranformed cosplay soon! i love Shugo Chara. it's my new Fruits Basket! x3

Spirit Of The Stage posted on 28 June, 2008 - 16:03
If you can do this mate, I'll almost certain join you and cosplay as Tadase (as much as you want me to crossplay as Amu or Utau, not gonna happen...:P) - go for it!