Urahara Kisuke (Taicho (Pendulum Arc)) - Bleach




Well so I cheated a little bit with Kisuke here. I was stumped for what costume I wanted to take to the London Con. I had Mayuri but no time to whip up anything else. So I thought "hey, I have the 12th squad haori, why don't I just turn back the pendulum and rock Kisuke?"

So with a little help from some friends who dug me out a good wig I was ready to be off, all in one evening...

The main details are of my Kurotsuchi Mayuri costume (haori, base shinigami uniform). However on top of this I have the buttery blonde coloured wig, some glorious geta and a fan (I didn't have time to make a sword!)

I cosplayed Mayuri on the Saturday and Kisuke on the Sunday and it was BLISS. Being able to laugh and run around and TALK to people! On top of that I found myself a fabulous group of 12th squadders and we spent the day together. I have since been remembered as Kisuke by the rest of my cosplay group, which is lovely.


Overall he is amazingly good fun to play; charismatic and bold. The sound of those wooden shoes is iconic and, I find it really soothing. And it reminded me that you can really enjoy a day at a convention not having to worry about your hat and makeup and hitting people with your sticky-outy props!


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