Kingdom hearts 2

Cosplayer: CrystalNeko

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

MangaChild avatar

MangaChild - 26th March 2008
Hell yeah you should be proud this cos is looking great
I think using your own hair as well makes it look that much better XD

BlusterSquall avatar

BlusterSquall - 26th March 2008
Considering it was your first, I think you did a really good job! ^___^

stripey_dani avatar

stripey_dani - 26th March 2008
Awww you make such a cute Riku! ^^

Hexi avatar

Hexi - 29th March 2008
actually i think you're hair looks fine half and half! i like it. that keyblade is awesome too. i did a KH2 cosplay last year aswell! i was kairi. making her keyblade was so much fun! ^^
deconstruction-reconstruction is a handy skill to know! *clap clap clap* it's good. ^_^

Hexi avatar

Hexi - 29th March 2008
thankies! yeah there were sooooo many kairis there in may i felt a little.... mainstream.....

i was so proud of my keyblade. i love making props and stuff. it's great!

Sorceress-Eiva avatar

Sorceress-Eiva - 18th April 2008
Thanks for the comment on my Mello <3
I think your hair looks awesome here, much better than other Riku's I've seen (and a couple of wigs as well). And if I can get the Riku cosplay I hope to make one day as good as this, then I will rest happy 8D

timpey avatar

timpey - 7th June 2008
wow i love the riku very awesome ^^

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 16th August 2008
Should you be looking so happy as riku? :P awesome costume, one of my favorite characters too. can't believe it was your first ^^

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 28th August 2008
Awww you make an awsome Riku ^.^
And come on who wouldnt pick an anime convention with your friends over school xD

PinkCharlieBear avatar

PinkCharlieBear - 30th August 2008
Hmm I do agree I loved your Riku. It was the start of the awesome-ness to follow.
Spraying your hair was so funny, next time we'll do it outside ;DD
Seeing this cosplay reminds me of all the antics of getting to the expo and you finishing it in the car...Ah good times XD

Sammykins avatar

Sammykins - 12th February 2012
I met you when you wore this (was a long time ago!) and either my friend or I took the second photo you have up - we both thought you were an awesome riku!