Joshua (Medieval mercenary (aging)) - guess what


An"I look great" award at York Costume con some years ago.




Worn at the Fete de Ramparte event in Dinan, Brittany. The town appears in the Bayuex Tapestry, when it was ruled by Duke CONAN......yea, he got around a bit, didn't he.
I'll be writing up more stuff as and when I get round to it, but I will make this comment. Only allowing you to post a "worn at" from a list is a bit parochial, there are more conventions etc. than in Britain, there are other costume hobbys apart from cosplay.


Wyrdsister posted on 16 April, 2010 - 00:09
Another great costume, and yes, I agree with you about the Worn at bit...maybe something for the admin to look into :)