Winry Rockbell - Fullmetal Alchemist


I like the idea of trying to be accurate to simple designs - when a costume looks like normal clothing, being vrey precise becomes significant to be recognisable! The only thing I bought was the jacket - it was shortened, and I also adjusted the collar. For the skirt I chose flounces over pleats because I like the effect, and if anything it seems closer to the design. The top was made from leftover Alfina fabric.

I tried to pay attention to the accessories - her multitude of earrings (involving clip-on and magnetic earring which are painful after a while...) and the wrench. It was fairly simple to make since it's balsa wood, which is highly friendly stuff, and also ideal for avoiding convention weapon restrictions. After cutting out the basic shape, the section in the handle was completely removed. It was replaced with a thinner piece, (with gaps cut for the holes), to create the indented section. The other detail was pressed in with a pencil.

The wig is my long Alfina wig. It’s long enough so that I can put it in a low ponytail and clip it up to become a high ponytail. Much easier than properly styling it into a high ponytail, and allows me to still use the wig for other costumes. Besides that, I just rearranged the fringe to part it sideways, and cut in shorter pieces at the front.

Since the costume really does look like ordinary clothing, it wasn't too distinctive, but it seemed recognisable enough (wrench probably helped). It was also nice to have something simple and comfy.

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