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i am making this for a friend to go with my sister's atashi cosplay. it is gonna look so cute!!!!


Chi's dress is practically made, all that i need to do now is add the detail. i started to make the pink body bit last night, i sewed darts into it to match the one in the picture, i cannot fix it to the dress until my friend comes round again for some measurements. she started to paint the roses on her self with a stencil that we made and some pretty pink metallic fabric paint. once thats done we can add the lace around the edge of the skirt and top and finish the body bit with some ribbon.


Finally its finished! ready for the london expo in may!


Anime_Angel posted on 24 March, 2008 - 21:33
Woh your wig looks legendary, I bet alot of chii cospalyers could learn alot from you^_^

Chii-ren posted on 24 March, 2008 - 22:39
Yeah, me being one of them! the ears are splendid! I'd like to try that chii outfit in the future, its just so pretty, who could resist?

Ashe posted on 11 May, 2008 - 22:23
That looks absolutely amazing! I can't wait to see it at Expo :D

Relion posted on 11 May, 2008 - 23:38
It looks absolutely beautiful! I'll be sure to get a shot of you if I see you. :)

CrystalNeko posted on 12 May, 2008 - 18:05
Wow mogwai, this looks amazing! *____* Can't wait to see this now! =D

kimpey posted on 14 August, 2008 - 13:52
very cute i love the group shot

Kouji posted on 12 October, 2010 - 17:10
wow *o* great job!

rosieroo posted on 7 June, 2011 - 06:40
wow this is cute

rosieroo posted on 7 June, 2011 - 06:40
wow this is cute