Nana Oosaki (Artbook outfit) - NANA


Managed to get her done, by a sheer miracle. Yes corners were cut and I was missing a few details but I managed to get most of it. What made my day was someone actually guessed I was Nana (seriously happy!)

The corset was leather and I used some strange dull satin for the skirt, most of the accessories I already had. The veil was lace & netting leftovers from my ball dress, and I spray painted the roses to add on.

Nia (while dying from mega-hangover) very kindly did my makeup, and I wore this Sat evening and managed to successfully avoid most photos :D I'm not girly so wasn't comfortable in it and didn't like the look, but thoroughly enjoyed making it and it sated my Nana obsession for a little while!

(And now I'm buying Shin accessories!)


I think me putting this up here is a 'YOU WILL GET THIS DONE' thing for me mentally. I'm on a massive Nana high at the moment, and now my personal life is sorted can throw myself into costumes again. Unfortunately only got around to 'cosplay mode' at the weekend and Minami is in a few days :P

I love the punk wedding outfit style this has and accessories aside, should be fairly simple to make in the time I have left. (One day, crack open the red bull!)

As soon as I've finished Yuzuriha I'm starting on Nana, so fingers crossed I'll get some resemblance of this outfit to take to Minami :)

(I'm perfectly aware I'm not suited to Nana - and have a million Shin costumes planned - but this is sweet outfit and will hopefully fill my Nana obsession for a short time!)

P.S. Can someone find me a sexy Ren to pose with? Thanks :P

Sephirayne posted on 13 April, 2010 - 19:55
Ooooo! Like the look of thise. I think you'll look great in it. ;)

Anonymous posted on 19 April, 2010 - 23:43
so glad I got to see this in person! I loved all the 'bling', a very well suited costume and you looked very pretty.

Anonymous posted on 21 April, 2010 - 17:13
Ditto to Heero Masaki's comment. You looked beautiful as Nana :-)

Pippin4242 posted on 12 October, 2011 - 18:10
Oh wow, I had a feeling you were Shin and Nana both! I was a very excited Undertaker when I saw you, I think - sixteen was my first con. Your costume rocked hard.

Delusional posted on 3 December, 2011 - 23:11
@Pippin4242 I remember you, I do! I was so happy that someone actually guessed or recognised the costume, as I knew it would be so obscure - you totally made my weekend, and I'm sorry I spacked a bit :P (The happiness could not be contained!) Thank you so much :D Thanks guys! I wasn't totally comfortable in this one, but Kelly's finishing it off and is getting some photos taken so hopefully I can use them as proof that this existed at some point ;)

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