Trisha Elric. - Fullmetal Alchemist


I actually chose this cosplay to match with my friends who were all doing FMA cosplays. ^_^ I was planning to wear it at Ame 07, but then the midlands expo came around and I had to rush! I love FMA, it's my favourite anime to date and although she's dead before the series even starts Trisha plays an improtant role throughout, and the episode 'Mother' is one of my favourites. ^_^ I had alot of fun wearing this, even if the wig drove me insane! *NOT a wig person.* The only problem was that those pesky children kept stealing my apples! I only had two left by the end of the day!

Our group got ALOT of love, which made me happy. ^_^ And we were even featured in Neo magazine! Surprisingly the hardest thing about this costume was the shoes. It's IMPOSSIBLE to find plain old brown sandals! Thank god I got lucky on ebay just before the expo came around!

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