Rachel Alucard - BlazBlue


Im a traitor to Tao, but i was interested in Rachel when we first played it~
Hopefully with have a better Gii and Nago for October!

As stated in the images, it was made at Street-angels house mainly by her with my assistance where I could

CGOPbleachbabe posted on 12 April, 2010 - 20:24
YAY this is going to be awesome =3

ProbablyHeather posted on 12 April, 2010 - 21:56
Need more Blazblue 8D Can't wait to see~~

Chibi posted on 30 April, 2010 - 00:46
Aww thanks for your comment on my Noel :D I'm so excited, all the fabric is sitting in the basin being dyed atm! Can't wait to see your Rachel, I hope to see some progress pics :P

CGOPbleachbabe posted on 30 April, 2010 - 11:10
O wow progress looks amazing

Ichigo-Chan posted on 30 April, 2010 - 18:41
Progress looks amazing so far. I can't wait to see this completed. You'll pull off Rachel really well.

RanmaSyaoran posted on 1 May, 2010 - 23:39
I wouldn't know where to start with this... I'm sure it'll look fantastic!

kirato posted on 2 May, 2010 - 00:20
THAT is looking awesome so far ;D

Charlie-Bear posted on 2 May, 2010 - 13:36
This is looking brilliant so far *O* I love the fabirc choices!

ryaoki posted on 3 May, 2010 - 17:16
fooking epic

ProbablyHeather posted on 4 May, 2010 - 18:05
Looking soso good so far 8D xx

CGOPbleachbabe posted on 16 May, 2010 - 18:19

Anonymous posted on 16 May, 2010 - 18:49
This is looking brill! Cant wait to see it complete!

Anime_Angel posted on 16 May, 2010 - 19:03
Thats looking interesting^_^

ProbablyHeather posted on 16 May, 2010 - 21:47
This looks soso good *3*

CGOPbleachbabe posted on 18 May, 2010 - 21:31
epicness is forming right here and now xD

k4tt posted on 19 May, 2010 - 11:24
This is looking GREAT!! Can't wait to see this next week ^__^

Debbie Ella posted on 19 May, 2010 - 11:58
This is looking so amazing. Like my favourite costume out of yours so far, it's great! <3

ProbablyHeather posted on 19 May, 2010 - 16:43
My God, I srsly can't wait to see this irl! x

Enchanting_ELK posted on 25 May, 2010 - 17:07
I'm not familiar with the character, but, this outfit looks bloody amazing! >w< I love the progress of it so far~! Can't wait to see it in real life ;3

CGOPbleachbabe posted on 26 May, 2010 - 22:08
such a cute gii XDD lol you did an amazing job

nanahara posted on 26 May, 2010 - 22:20
now this is looking goooood

ProbablyHeather posted on 26 May, 2010 - 23:50
Gii looks adorable xD

CGOPbleachbabe posted on 31 May, 2010 - 22:27
You make an awesome rachel XD

Anonymous posted on 1 June, 2010 - 10:32
Omg ;A; as if i never saw this! its amazing! <3

CrystalNeko posted on 1 June, 2010 - 21:41
You look so amazing <333 How did I miss you for the whole of Saturday!? D8 Everything's so well made!

yami-no-neko posted on 1 June, 2010 - 21:47
absolutly amazing.

No thanks posted on 1 June, 2010 - 22:52
You looked so amazing sweetheart i can't believe i couldnt find you to get a shot! I'm glad i passed you in pti but gutted i had to run so quick! maybe we can talk more next time? :3

FoxyChan posted on 1 June, 2010 - 23:00
You looked amazing on stage wish I could of dun a photo shoot with you in this one but the masq pics turned out well enuth

goodbyeworld posted on 2 June, 2010 - 01:58
This looked amazing Jenn <3

Ichigo-Chan posted on 2 June, 2010 - 20:23
All weekend I was looking forward to your Rachel cosplay and was very disapointed I missed out seeing this in real life. From the photos, it looks amazing! The applique looks so clean and neat and loved the rabbit hair ties.

Lady Bahamut posted on 2 June, 2010 - 20:44
Wow!!!! You look AMAZING!!! Shame I never saw you!! T_T

Uni posted on 3 June, 2010 - 11:08
You look sooooo amazingly cute! <3

phalor posted on 4 June, 2010 - 16:16
This was stunning in real life, you looked amazing 8D

Berserk667 posted on 16 June, 2010 - 03:20
U looked really good in this :)

Freyarule posted on 21 June, 2010 - 17:26
Oooh didn't realise this was from BlazBlue! It looks so awesome :) loved seeing you onstage!

Sephirayne posted on 20 July, 2010 - 11:34
Great job hun. You look amazing.

MadameLapin posted on 23 August, 2010 - 00:26
This looks amazing, great work Jenn xx

Ichigo-Chan posted on 31 August, 2010 - 19:59
I love your new wig, it makes you look a lot like Rachel.

Hannah-Kiwii posted on 1 September, 2010 - 22:27
You looked incredible at Mankai, you totally deserved your win, well done =D

Petchy-mon posted on 27 January, 2011 - 21:12
Damn vampire... X3

Berserk667 posted on 28 January, 2011 - 01:59
ok I love the That hurt princess photo XD

ViewtifulD posted on 28 January, 2011 - 09:22

ballet shoes posted on 7 February, 2011 - 15:00

Anonymous posted on 26 September, 2011 - 16:44
Rachel is super cute

Limegreenjelly posted on 8 March, 2012 - 22:30
I will be doing Noel possible for Amecon, your welcome to join me :)

10th October 2012


SO over a year later I finally got my butt in gear!!! Got a fatter Gii, Made Nago and gonna do better makeup :D SO NAGO!? Had this base umbrella over a good year bought some polar fleece & felt cut the fleece into 2 cat head pieces stitched together hot glue eyes, mouth etc on stuffed the ears pinned to the umbrella handstitched down and VOILA :D Hopefully not too bad?

28th February 2011

To Do

Make a fatter Gii :3 Some form of Nago oTL Making rework on some pieces? Makeup~ Im thinking fake lashes ;D Think thats about it <3

27th January 2011


More than likely to be re-worn for the BB group at May expo 2011 xD Really depends on Tsubaki but if i do re-wear ima make another Nago <3

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