Katie Lea Burchill - WWE





My friend Ste was turning 30 and decided that he wanted a wrestling-themed party to celebrate. The idea was that we all come dressed up as our favourite pro wrestlers, which left me a bit stuck since I didn't know much about pro wrestling at the time! Better-informed friends suggested various different wrestlers to me (not all of them serious suggestions!) and the one that really grabbed me was Katie Lea Burchill. She's just awesome.

The finished costume really was more of an "inspired by" affair than an accurate recreation of any of Katie Lea's costumes, but it worked well in the end. I loved the makeup so much - most of it was done by me, but the swirls over my right eye were done by my friend Luke - and I thought the extensions looked great. I just wish I weren't so flabby! Oh well, extra motivation for me to lose the extra pounds and tone up, isn't it? ^_^

Reference pics taken from http://k-waters.org/wp/.


animekid3000 posted on 22 July, 2011 - 19:08
Totally Awesome :D