Aeris Gainsborough (Classic) - Final Fantasy VII


AmeCon 2006


As I've said previously...I love Aeris! I had plans for other costumes for ame, but then I just randomly decided to make this! This was one of those 'last rush cosplays' I didn't finish this until the night before the con. But it's all good cause it got done, right? XD This is the first cosplay - scratch that - first clothing thing that i've ever made from scratch. So this is the cosplay I learnt the most from. I'm not 100% happy with it, I very rarely am. XD So I'm currently revamping it for future cons. This costume is actually made so badly but I don't think it's *that* obvious. :P Mostly because I had to alter the patterns and half the time I just made it up as I went along...The dress wasn't too bad, but the jacket was quite stressful to make. X.X (I never give in though! NEVER! XD)

Anyway on the the good! This is the cosplay i've had the most fun wearing. ^_^ I've met some really good friends through this cosplay and was photographed ALOT. O.o It may not have been 100% accurate, and the wrist guards were embarrasingly last minute - but I had so much fun, and that's what cosplay is all about, right? O_~

Version 2 - includes: New wig, new wrist guards and I altered the jacket some what. The new version was considerably more uncomfortable to wear, but I'm much more pleased with the result! ^_^

Version 3 (I really need to leave this costume alone now.) - I've altered the dress because I think I must have actually lost weight (thank god!) so now it fits me much better. :D Also improved wrist guards and alterations to the jacket (especcially the sleeve...armour...things..) I wore this at may expo and got the best reception ever! Great because I don't know when (if ever) i'll be wearing it again. Thanks folks, you make this silly dressing up business all worthwhile! ^_^

Kankurou posted on 31 July, 2007 - 14:22
great Aeris Cosplay! best ive seen :)

Lulu Rose posted on 23 November, 2007 - 00:00
Oh my god you look perfect! I'm so glad the wig turned out ok. I bet its really friggin heavy though! I'm happy to have done this wig for you. I hope it holds up ^_^

MoonLily posted on 23 November, 2007 - 19:09
Thanks so much! I love the wig - but you're right it is reeeeally heavy. XD I received so many compliments on it though! ^_^

Komapsunida posted on 26 November, 2007 - 22:15
aw! I'be only JUST played FF7- and Aeris is amazing! you make a great aeris! <33333

BlusterSquall posted on 4 January, 2008 - 21:22
This is such a cute Aerith cosplay! :D The wig looks fantastic. And yay for CloudxAerith photographs!! <33

PapercutPerfect posted on 5 April, 2008 - 09:46
Excuse me while I fangirl squeeeeee! 8D You look so adorable! We really need to get some photos together sometime!

MoonLily posted on 5 April, 2008 - 20:29
@PapercutPerfect - Hell yeah! I've got no idea when i'm wearing Aeris again though....

spike42 posted on 12 March, 2009 - 21:56
wow u look great as aerise nice wig

Toshi-chan posted on 22 March, 2009 - 15:22
wow this is seriously one of the best aeris cosplays i've seen =] and omg you totally have to cosplay as zoe!!! that would be sooo much fun xD

Captain_Marvelous posted on 14 May, 2009 - 00:17
Really love it, cant beleive it only cost you 30 bones :) reall well done I would buy a flower from you :)

Anonymous posted on 21 May, 2009 - 13:47
Very Nice areis cosplay =]!! no beautiful in fact lol AWESOME WORK! oh i cosplay cloud.. lol but im being him on sunday lol... we coulda had pics >.< oh well ^_^

timpey posted on 17 September, 2009 - 22:27
amazin lookin aeris like the hair and i love that u have the flower basket too ^^

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