England Arthur Kirkland (Punk!England) - Hetalia Axis Powers





Red Scarf
Dark Leather Jacket...brown?
Green print top
black/dark brown skinny jeans (not a fan of leather >>"")
Red trainers/converse

red inflatable guitar :D :D :D :D

Have you noticed, how i've become hetalia obsessed? XD Well, i think i may do this for Oct expo instead of Britannia Angel...coz i will freeze >>"""

but this probably wont be a made cosplay...maybe just wardrobe cosplay or buy some cheap clothes from primark or a charity store to modify.

Unless i can find out how to make a leather jacket with zips in various places XD otherwse a trip to camden may be in order...because i want one anyway XD

I can probably get a green longsleeve and print white paint on to it, or make a green top...

ah i'll cross that bridge in the summer hols : D


HyperNightmare posted on 6 August, 2010 - 18:30
<3<3<3 I love itttt. Can't wait to see progress!