Allelujah Haptism - Gundam 00





Fake tanning myself at 5am in the morning was an interesting experience indeed. Oh, and. Never again will I agree to wearing short sleeves in the middle of March for a photoshoot. ;A;


Odd-One-Out posted on 22 March, 2008 - 20:49
F..Fake tanning?!

lina-lau posted on 23 March, 2008 - 01:08
By fake tanning I mean using a much darker shade of foundation for my face and arms and general exposed skin on my body. XD Took ages to get the liquid stuff on my arms to blend in a way that didn't look like it was OMG FAKE TAN. =o=''''

Rosiael posted on 24 March, 2008 - 03:13
You know you'll agree to Mukuro's requests. How about doing it in the middle of march at 5 am under the sakura trees? XD

Cat_Cat posted on 24 March, 2008 - 12:20
Alle~~~!!!! And Halle too!!!! I don't know which version of him I like better... At least the good thing is, we have a buy one get one free deal here XD God you must have been freezing.... >_< Even Allelujah's hotness cannot block out the UK wind!!! T_T ... And why do I seem to see a "hidden meaning" in that message of El's...? *gay-dar screaming at full volume*

lina-lau posted on 25 March, 2008 - 01:27
Only if there is something in it for me, my dear Mukuro. ;] Ahhahaha I know what you mean Cat... I love Halle's psychoness but Alle's emoness also makes me LOL. And dude, that's a good deal we're all getting here. The complete package - a seme/uke just for our enjoyment. XDDDDDDDD Mmh, cold shoot was cold. The weather seems to hate me whenever I go to any photoshoot. orz||||||||| Oh, well, you know El and her GAYNESS ohohohohohohoho. 8D

Defrain posted on 25 November, 2009 - 22:11
look awesome