Kairi (School girl.) - Kingdom hearts 2


AmeCon 2006


I chose to make this costume because I needed something simple, and once I saw it I thought it was adorable! Plus I love KH and Kairi so the choice seemed obvious. My friend also wanted to 'match' our cosplays so she decided to make Selphie's version. ^_^ This was a really simple costume and the material was quite a find (its actually meant to be for a crib, don't you know? O.o) I bought the shirt and socks...already had the shoes and I couldn't resist making the paopu fruit (which got soooo abused over the con.) These costumes were fun and comfortable to wear. We also wore them to MUNGA (Model united nations group summit) because we were representing Japan and wanted an excuse to wear them again. XD

Anonymous posted on 9 April, 2008 - 16:57
cute costumes! love kingdom hearts!

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