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Sirus! Marauder era! I'm going to be basing him off a design I've ALWAYS had in my head for Sirius ever since reading the fifth book. I always imagined him as being rather glam rockish, long black hair in messy layers and waves and a slight slick of eye-liner. Now BEFORE people go 'OMG BISHIE OLOLOLOL' just stop and listen to me. >__<

Sirius was born roughly 1959-1960, in England. He finished school around 1978 which was prime time for all kinds of music genres. In particular was glam rock, which was predominately a British movement and featured artists like Slade, T-rex, Kiss (who people argue are not glam rock, I feel they fall into Glam rock and Glam metal quite nicely, but due to their debut time, the 70's they fall more into glam rock) and lots of others. In 1971 when he first started school, bands like The Doors, Deep Purple, The Rolling Stones Pink Floyd, AC/DC etc. Sirius was right in the middle of a brilliant musical era when he started school. Add in that he had muggle friends and friends like James who's parents were pro-muggle (At least on his father's side given his grandfather was very pro-muggle) and I imagine Sirius was able to find ways and means to embed himself firmly into muggle music and I imagine it was something he was fond of, not only for rebellious reasons, but for the comfort it provided.

Anyway, due to the time frame it was fairly normal for people to dress androgynously and to wear make-up, have long hair or shaggy cuts, etc, because it was part of the fashion. So its not me changing him into a bishie, its simply taking time to sit and have a good think about him. Since Sirius loved to defy his parents, I imagine he was quite heavily into muggle bands, a lot of people like to say he was a Clash fan in fanfiction, but I'd probably say he'd be more into David Bowie, Kiss, Alice Cooper, etc, as they were around roughly the time when he first started in school, the Clash appearing around 1976, When he had almost finished school. This is just MY OWN personal thoughts on Sirius, its not fact. :)

Getting that out of the way, I wanted to influence him on a genre of music because I feel that his dress sense would reflect bands he liked, sometimes to annoy his family, but mostly because he liked the music. I like to think of him as being quite flamboyant, and Glam Rock/Punk would suit my vision of him and the personality I've thought up for him. :)

Since their is no canon date for Sirius birthday (The year is 1959 to 1960) I decided to look at Celtic charts for Sirius' wand and see which magical attributes Sirius was quite adept in. I know he was rather good at transfiguration and was a bit of a loose cannon at school, eventually becoming more bitter as he spent time in Azkaban, though thats not going to influence my wand choice for him, as his wand was picked before Azkaban.

I think figuring his birthday out would be the best way to pick a wand, I'm TEMPTED to say oak with dragon heart string, oak being a masculine wand, good for transfiguration, dragon string being more suited to wizards and witches who are thick headed, strong physically and emotionally and also good at hexes and duelling. Lets face it, how many pranks did he play of Severus? Obviously he's good at hexing.

Buuut, looking at his D.O.B...Sources say he was 36 when he died, making his birthday year 1960, possibly the end of 1959. The month would probably be...given that James was born in March and was 21 when died in 1981, making him 36 in 1996 also, I'd say that Sirius was probably born sometime between March and May Possibly the back end of 1960, so October/November time perhaps. Any earlier and he's too old and becomes 37 at his death, any time after June 17th, he'd be 35 at his death. I'm not 100% if 36 at the time of death is canon, but for the sake of his wand, I'm saying yes.

As such, I'm going to guess and say he was born around April 10th. Making him a few days younger than James. Not sure I've worked it out right, BUT it makes picking a wand easier.

April 10th means he'd be alder. Alder symbolises Resurrection, strength, mental awareness and prowess, intelligence, weather magic, and protection to name a few.

I'll stick to dragon heart string, because it matches him very well.

...I'm talking a lot but meh. I like details. Only problem with trying to use Celtic and Druidic charts is that Rowling says she used them herself, however, she has buggered up a touch, because James has a Mahogany wand. Though you COULD argue that alder is also known as Scottish Mahogany. Blah! I stick to my research! *dies and throws charts*

I've put a lot of thought into him and I have wanted to cosplay him for a long time, so I hope I can get him sorted for October! :D


jaks-kingdom-dwarf posted on 3 April, 2010 - 21:21
as the joke you said: "Why so Sirius" XD

sjbonnar posted on 2 May, 2010 - 23:52
O_O I love the amount of research you've put into this! Sirius is someone I loved being and I bet you'll do an awesome job!