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Its the newest version of Lady Sylvanas. I want to make it look as lifelike as possible. Im not wanting it to be bulky like the others. I want it to be on the same scale as my body frame.


Teleute posted on 9 April, 2010 - 19:02
That's quite a challenging costume to make, but good luck on it :) I'm sure it'll turn out great

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Progress Journal

3rd April 2010

First Day

Well Its the first day of me actually working on a item. Ive decided to work on the bow an arrows first. I found almost everything I needed from walmart I just need to get paint and spray to spray everything down.
I found a nice little bow and arrow set in the kids section and im useing that. For the bow im haveing to add pices to it so it can be bigger but its turning out to take longer than what i thought it would. Im also haveing to add layers to it so it can be bigger. I dont want to give out too much infomaion it Ill post the end result. This could take a few day to a week for me toget the base of the bow right.
Arrows: The arrows are a litte on the small side but might just look perfect. Theyare made out of a hard plastic. the end where the feathers are is a type of rubber that looks like a feathr. And the top where there suld be the arrow head is a dll sucker on it. While i was in there I got a few items out of the craft department. I found some white featherso replace the rubber part. I just glued them on to the end andim thinkig about wraping sometype of wire around it. As for th arrow hed point i cut of the rbber sucker part and in some of the foam i made cut out of arrows blades to cver it up. I used black foam being as ill be sprypaintingthe foam a silver color. I iguredi ould lt some of the blackfoam show s it gives ita tarnished look. Ill end of painting on the sharp part of the blade a blue posion texture. Now the middlepart ofthe stemis white and ill spray paint it a brown color so it will look like wood.